SoS 2:16 in the NIV  says “My beloved is mine, and I am his…”

The Passion Translation adds even more, “I know my Lover is mine, and I have everything in you, for we delight ourselves in each other.”

What is this lifestyle? 

The Song Lifestyle is a constant love for God. It’s an ongoing romance with the Lover–our heavenly bridegroom.

Song of Songs

The Passion Translation subtitles this book “Divine Romance.” Verse 1 says, “The most amazing song of all, by King Solomon.” Many in the church have suggested that Song of Songs is a play book for the bedroom. I have heard church leaders say that God intended SoS to be the way a man and woman respond to one another; however, at the mention of romance with God they scoff. God wouldn’t be romantic with his people. Never!

The Song Lifestyle 

I see things quite a bit differently.  I see a God who is absolutely and irrevocably in love with His creation. I see a God who is not only in love with his bride (us), but a God who is happy and full of laughter. I see a God whose eyes light up when we come to Him. I see a King who gazes upon our beauty and encircles us with golden reins of love (SoS 1:11 Passion Translation).

We have a Christ King who will not turn His eyes from us no matter what we do. He is in love, and His love is strong. It’s plain, pure, and simple.

As lovers of God, our only responsibility is to love Him fully. That doesn’t look like doing a lot of work or “cultivating” anything. It looks like resting in His extravagant love and delighting in Him…all the time!

God is a delight!


He loves and He is LOVE.

Our only job is to love Him back and love Him fully. The entire gospel is a romantic call for us to be filled with His wonders FOREVER!

This is the lifestyle purposed for us.

Song Lifestyle 

I’m going to teach about SoS as I learn from the Uncreated Lover. This lifestyle is a passionate one; this lifestyle is a noble one. God is calling a generation of lovers who will be fully intoxicated, fully ecstatic, and lovesick for Him. I truly believe that this is that generation. God is calling a creative and in love generation so He can complete his divine sweet lover work on the earth. There is an outpouring coming–it’s already in the works–that will be unmatched to previous outpourings in the past. The Jesus People movement in the 70s will look like a local pop-up circus compared to the wonders God has in store! It’s those who give their hearts fully to the Song Lifestyle–unhindered romance with God–who will be at the forefront of this next ecstatic outpouring.

What’s to come

My next post will talk about the romance of God and His thoughts about us! I will often use scripture from “The most amazing song of all (SoS 1:1 PT)” as a basis and to encourage. However, the ENTIRE Bible, the love story, is free game for use.







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