God designed us for the most incredible joy explosion imaginable. If you cannot find a reason for joy or it’s easier to be worried and negative than it is to be happy and joyful, you’ve traded in your trust for our Wild Hero, Jesus, and have placed your trust in someONE or someTHING else.

Don’t Worry. There’s a Remedy! 

If you’ve found yourself trusting in someone or something else, don’t worry about it. Just come back to your senses and have a conversation with the Glorious Mr. Happy about it. Call it a man-to-man or a heart-to-heart, if you will. You are not a disappointment to God! He’s not pissed off that you got it wrong! God loves you, and He fully intends to set you back on the right course. Tell Him why you don’t trust Him, take to His Word, Worship, and talk to a few Faith Friends. God will finish the work in you that He began (Phil. 1:6).

Be JOYFUL! God Far Exceeds our Expectations! 

Psalm 40, in The Passion Translation, is subtitled “A Joyful Salvation.” There are a few of my most favorite “pick-me-up” verses in this chapter. Verse 3 reads, “A new song for a new day rises up in me every time I think about how He breaks through for me! Ecstatic praise pours out of me until everyone hears how God has set me free…”

In verse 5 David exclaims: “You think of us all the time, thinking of us all the time with your countless expressions of love–far exceeding our expectations!”

Hang these on your bathroom mirror. Attach them to your steering wheel. Put them on a sticky note on your computer monitor. Put them somewhere you will constantly see them. God will ALWAYS break through for you! He will ALWAYS exceed your expectations! No matter what obstacle you are facing, God will see to it that you (His beloved) are well cared for.

Although God is not a formula, there is a pretty simple solution to living out the Song Lifestyle and that is what I call the Four Steps to Joy Level: Maximum:

  1. Tell Him your troubles
  2. Trust His Love and Support
  3. Live like you already have it
  4. Rejoice in Ecstasy


1 Peter 5:7 says “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you (Berean Study Bible).” Giving all your worries and cares to God is simply telling Him what’s bothering you and then walking away without worry. If it helps, try writing down your anxieties, pray over them, and then throw them away. God will act on that simple prophetic statement.

Jesus told His disciples to have faith in God (Mark 11:22) when they were surprised that the Fig tree He’d cursed the day prior had, in fact, withered away. Jesus went on to tell that that if they ask for something and they don’t doubt, it’ll be theirs. Now, He wasn’t talking about some hokey name-it, claim-it doctrine. God’s likely not going to drop a Cadillac in your driveway. However, when trouble comes your way and you believe He will supply your need and rescue you, He’ll come through every time.  David declared in Psalm 56:9 “This one thing I know: God is on my side (Passion).” This is how we live the Song Lifestyle. We lay our cares on God and then know (trust) that God is on our side. 

Those living the Song Lifestyle live in a bizarre state of joy. Although things may look bleak or dry or normal, Song People go about their day living in the reality of Heaven. They’ve cast their cares on God, they’ve trusted that His Love and Support is theirs, and they live like they’ve received it. That’s living in faith. It’s hard to do unless you are completely convinced of God’s inability to let you down. Practice it with something small if you’re not convinced. He will come through.

Rejoicing is vital to this process. There is something about rejoicing in God and soaking in His glory that changes the atmosphere physically and changes your atmosphere internally. I won’t say that praise moves God because that would make Him a puppet, but He sure will inhabit praise. Psalm 22 in the Passion Translation says that God “[lives] among the shouted praises of [His] princely people.” Song People praise constantly while in good times and challenging ones. When you rejoice in Him, your perspective will change and breakthrough will come. I go into a bit more detail in this post on being in God’s presence.


Go into this week with a renewed mindset that God is on your side. I want you to keep a list of all the times God has rescued you and swept you up into His goodness this week. I bet it’s going to be a pretty long list. If you’re looking for His hand in your life, you’ll see it.

I’ll leave you with a fun “song” from Winnie Banov today.




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