I saw a bumper sticker late last week that said Jesus is Coming! Look Busy. 

Of course, this is a cheeky way of “encouraging” others that they better get to doing something for the Lord now in case He returns to catch the church unawares.

Although there is something to be said for doing “stuff” for God and dedicating time to His projects, I think this quote is misleading.

In today’s post we’re going to look at the topic of rest and see how rest is our secret weapon in fighting the enemy and experiencing God’s love.

Our Greatest Weapon 

Graham Cooke has a book called Qualities of A Spiritual Warrior that I highly recommend. It’s not a light book by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not one that you can pick up and read through it quickly. It’s challenging–not that it’s hard to read, but that it’s hard hitting.

In this book Graham Cooke reasons that warriors have a secret weapon in their arsenal–rest. He writes, “Rest is a weapon. As Christians we should be incredibly peaceful, tranquil, and calm.” We are not to be a people running around like we’re crazy because we got bad news or that a certain political character is gaining in the polls or dropping in the polls or said this big deal of a thing. We have, as part of our inheritance, complete confidence in Him.

Because of this confidence we have in the nature of God, we are at rest no matter what happens. Our outward witness to the world is not that we worship loud or that we pray in public. Our witness is that we look at all hell breaking loose around us and we remain calm because we are convinced of God’s goodness and love and grace and kindness. We are absolutely convinced that nothing can harm us or destroy us because God is too kind and too in Love to let anything bad happen that will really hurt us.

Rest is basically saying that God is bigger than anything else that could happen to us, so we stand knowing that we cannot lose. That’s faith!

Something else Cooke says a lot about rest is that we fight from victory, not towards it. Jesus is our victory.

Wait, wait, wait… 

That’s the second part. We get to wait on Jesus when issues and problems arise. Cooke writes, “Spiritual warriors wait. They know that confidence comes from the Lord. His joy is a source of strength.”

We don’t get strength through serving the Lord and looking busy. Our strength comes from waiting on Him and resting in Who He is. Facing a health crisis? Lost your job? A loved one is sick, dying, died suddenly? Don’t panic. Our enemy who steals, kills, and destroys would have us panic and completely freak out. Our confidence in Jesus allows us to sit back and wait for Him to break through. Psalm 56 the psalmist writes, “With God on my side I will not be afraid of what comes, the roaring praises of God fill my heart, and I will always trust His promises (Passion).” David goes on and writes, “The very moment I call to You for a Father’s help the tide of battle turns and my enemies flee! This one thing I know: God is on my side!”

This is the nature of a Song Person. Song people look at trials and scary stuff coming down the pike and allow the roaring praises of God to fill their hearts. They trust His promises and call on Jesus for help. They always know that God is on their side.

See, that bumper sticker lies. We don’t need to look busy. We need to look like we’re napping. John Crowder says it best when he says that faith looks a lot like doing nothing.

If you are facing a crisis or if one day you find yourself facing one, just keep in mind that you are a Song person. You live the Song Lifestyle. You don’t panic. You rest and wait. That’s faith. That’s worship. That’s your job as a Christian. You get to call out to God and then watch Him bring that big can of whoop @$%!

I’ll leave you today with a song by the future worship leader of Heaven, Steffany Gretzinger.


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