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Song People Trust the Uncreated Mystery Man

Not knowing what your future holds is frustrating. Anyone would agree. As human beings, we don’t like not knowing where we are headed. However, as we live out this Song Lifestyle, often we will have no idea where the journey will take us. We are left with just a few options: Panic or Trust.

Song People don’t panic. Proverbs 3:5 in the Darby Bible says, “Confide in Jehovah with all thy heart, and lean not unto thine own intelligence…” Song People confide, or trust, in Jesus with their entire heart. They don’t lean on their own intelligence or understanding.

Don’t get me wrong, intelligence is a good thing. Education is valuable. A vibrant intellect is beneficial in life; however, as a Song Person you must learn that intellect alone is not enough for life’s challenges. We have an intimate relationship with the Uncreated Mystery Man, Jesus our Lover, who we trust more than our intellect.

Not relying only on our intellect is sometimes difficult. Trust is like a muscle. The more you trust in the eternal wisdom of God, the easier it becomes to do so.

My wife and I are in a situation right now that requires extreme trust. At the end of last year we felt that God was moving us away from our home in Florida. We have a prophetic word we are trusting for God to fulfil that we will live in Pennsylvania near the Harrisburg area. We also have family in the area we want to grow closer to. On January 1 we put our house up for sale and it sold quickly. We can’t leave the area until mid-June due to some work responsibilities, and so we’ve had to move into a temporary furnished apartment in the meantime.

Over the weekend we packed up all of our belongings and placed them in the care of a storage facility. All of our stuff packed tight into a 10X10 unit looked sad as I quietly shut the door and padlocked it. We moved into the new apartment, which feels more like a hotel suite, and we’re trusting God to give direction for our next steps.

We have a few challenges with this move: For starters, I don’t have the promise of a teaching position in the Harrisburg/Lancaster area. I don’t have a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate yet, either. Also, there is a custody challenge with our oldest daughter. Her biological father was on board with our move until our house sold and then he balked at the idea.

So here’s our situation: we are planning a big move out of state, we sold our house, we’re living in temporary housing (which feels like vacation, Yay God!), I don’t have a job in PA or a certificate to teach yet, and there is a possible legal challenge against us. Also, the Lord has impressed upon me the desire to quit nearly everything and focus on this blog and another project as my full-time work to support my family financially.

My wife and I have quite a bit on our plate, and we have a decision to make: panic because not everything is going perfectly smooth or trust.

We are choosing to trust.

We know people who would tell us that since things don’t seem to be “lining up” then we probably “misheard” God or even go as far as telling us that we didn’t really hear from God but attributed our desire to leave the area to God telling us to do it.

None of that is true. We didn’t mishear God. And we’re not attributing anything to God other than his supernatural qualities: Mr. Grace, Mr. Happy, Mr. Love, Mr. Mystery, The Bliss Man, etc…

 Song People Rest in the Confidence of God

To some, our circumstance seems daunting. We have five kids (two of them are 1 year old twins) and we’re doing something completely out of the realm of normal for most people. But we have to do this. We asked God for years for adventure and to know him more. We won’t get either one of those things unless we trust him.

We aren’t in panic mode. We are absolutely convinced that God only has good in store for us (Jeremiah 29:11) and that he only intends to take everything in our lives, good or bad, and turn it into greatness (Romans 8:28).

As Song People, we get to live a life that is untouched by negativity. We rest completely in the confidence of God. We get to lay back and know that God sees the end from the beginning and he’s got a plan to get us to where our destiny is taking us. We don’t have time for the negative or bad news.

It’s not that we go around pretending that we don’t have problems. That’s not it at all. We acknowledge our problems to God and a few trusted friends, and then we turn our focus on his goodness. Song People rest in the confidence of God.

Problems will stay where you leave them

When we have a problem, we can choose to grapple with it or we can choose to let God eradicate it.

Our problems will always be there. They won’t go away. I promise. So when one comes up, do what Graham Cooke says to do and rejoice. You now get to see God move and reveal something new about his character. You get to experience God in a way no one else is experiencing him! You get to grow in intimacy. And that is exciting.

I don’t recommend going to God with your problem and immediately start telling him how to fix it so that things work out the way you think they should. You’ll mess everything up that way! Lean into God and let him reveal himself to you in the situation. You’ll wind up with the solution to your problem and a fresh revelation of God’s goodness. You ONLY get to win!

Praise helps this process a lot. Praising God in the midst of issues and problems ushers in his presence. Revelation of God comes on the wings of his presence. Praise and Worship changes our minds and lets us focus on Jesus rather than our problem. It cultivates a thankful heart and eradicates negativity.

So when a problem comes up, you have to do the following:

  1. Acknowledge the problem to God. But DO NOT start telling him how he needs to fix it. You’ll ruin the whole thing that way.
  2. Praise and Worship because God is worth it and because it allows you to cultivate a thankful heart and it will eradicate negativity.
  3. Enjoy the solution to your problem and your newfound revelation of God.

Remember: Song People are absolutely convinced that God always wants to reveal himself to them. They rest in his confidence during ANY situation and they praise and worship which eradicates negativity and ushers in solutions to problems.  

Have a great week!



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