Jesus the Uncreated

I think it was Misty Edwards who I first heard call Jesus the Uncreated. That was years ago.

Although I don’t primarily listen to her music any longer, I have always appreciated that her music unlocked something deep inside me: the revelation that Jesus was, in fact, uncreated.

The Voice version of the Bible writes, “Before time itself was measured, the Voice was speaking.   The Voice was and is God (John 1:1).” Other versions say, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.”

We clearly see that Jesus, the Word, is truly the uncreated.

Before time began, before light cascaded from sky to earth, God was hatching a plan to create the largest and most valuable family ever.


Holy Obsession


The other day I was listening to Winnie Banov talk about how much she loves various translations of the Bible. She described portions of the Bible as “snacks” and pretended to eat the pages she was holding in her hands for effect. Winnie is a Song Person. She understands that one way to keep connection with Jesus is through meditating on the Bible. Meditation on Jesus through the Bible is vital to her growth as a follower of Jesus.


Song People are obsessed with Jesus. It’s obvious that some obsessions are bad.  Rightly so, some obsessions are bad. I was once part of a church that tried to tell me that being obsessed with Jesus was too radical. They wanted me to consume Christ in moderation. I couldn’t do it though. When you’re eating the most delicious chocolate cake, the laws of moderation go out the window! Jesus is the meal that can be consumed continuously, and you’ll never have your fill! For the rest of natural life and all of eternity, we will dine on the goodness of our Lover and never be completely filled. There is always more of Him to be discovered and explored!


We are obsessed with Jesus because “he is before all things, and in him all things hold together (Colossians 1:17 ESV).”  Jesus is everything; he is in everything, he is above and below everything, and he is greater than anything or anyone. A person will quickly become obsessed with someone who rescues them from death. If you were in a bank and a bank robber came in with a gun threatening to kill everyone and someone stepped up as a hero and took out the bad guy, you would revere that person. You would honor that person and be obsessed with them. You would quite literally owe them your life. The same is true with Jesus. We are rightly obsessed with Jesus because he rescued us from sin and death.

“For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his (Romans 6:5).”

We are united with Jesus in both his death and resurrection. Since we have died with Him, we have died to sin (Romans 6:7, 11, and 14) because He is our sin offering.

Being released from the power and deceit of sin is more than reason enough to be obsessed with this glorious Lover!

This is huge news! Sin no longer reigns in our bodies because of this Mysterious Skyrider, Jesus the Lord. And more than that–we are united with Him! This obsession is not misplaced.


Jesus is a Husband Obsessed


Song of Songs 4: 9 in the Passion translation reads, (The King is speaking) “With one flash of your eyes I am undone by your love, my beloved, my equal, my bride. You leave me breathless–I am overcome by merely a glance from your worshipping eyes, for you have stolen my heart. I am held hostage by your love and by the graces of righteousness shining upon you.”

Jesus is a husband obsessed with His lover….US!

Song of Songs is not just a book to teach good Christian husbands and wives how to get CrAzY in the bedroom! In fact, it’s far better than that!*  Song of Songs is a book showing the world how romantic and in LOVE Jesus is with His church!

He is undone with the way we love Him! When we take time out of our day or rearrange our lives in any way just to have an extra minute with Him, he’s completely and utterly intoxicated by that. We are better than wine to the Lord (SoS 4:10).

He calls us His beloved, His equal, His bride! Jesus is our Heavenly Husband, our romantic Lover, our Passionate Mystery Man…and He’s madly in love and obsessed with us. I’ve heard it said that in the very beginning Jesus wanted a bride and God wanted a family. The only way for that to happen was for the ultimate sacrifice to take place: Jesus living and being murdered and coming back from the dead in order to unify us with Him. The Perfect One is betrothed now to us who have been made perfect in Him (Hebrews 10:14).

Jesus is left breathless and smiling when He thinks about us. He’s overcome when we worship Him. We have stolen His heart! YOU ARE A HEART THIEF! You’ve stolen the heart of Jesus and you’re never giving it back!

This Holy Obsession is not just a one way street. While we are obsessed and fully in love with Jesus the Mighty, He is absolutely undone by our love for Him. We are obsessed with one another! This is a love that is just so much bigger and so much grander than any of us ever anticipated.


* I am not suggesting that sex between a married couple is unholy or unimportant. God wants His married couples to enjoy one another and have the hottest and most ravenous sex on the planet. He is looking for Christ Followers to be the models of healthy marriages. Remember: marriage is a holy sacrament and our relationship with Christ mirrors marriage.





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