This post is late! It’s also short. But it’s all for good reason!

I feel like I need to offer an explanation about something God dropped into my heart this morning on my drive to work.

The Five Tenets of the Song Lifestyle.

A few weeks ago I concluded a four post series on the Five Tenets of the Song Lifestyle. At the end, I offered a little giveaway: a stylish one sheet with the Five Tenets on it. Now, don’t get me wrong, download yours here. It’s valuable, but I feel like some could misconstrue the word tenet for law or rule. Although, in fact, tenet does mean law or rule. However, that’s not the way I meant it. I thought that I had done a pretty good job explaining that in the posts leading up to my Five Tenets series, but upon further reflection I feel as though using that word may have made me sound a little bi-polar. We are under grace, not law! Here, live by these tenets!

In this short little post, allow me to explain my heart in such matters so that we can move forward with one another and not be confused.

The Five Tenets Explained

The tenets are as follows:

Song People live Entwined with the Lord Psalm 27:14

Song People live Enamored by God Psalm 27:4

Song People live in God’s Romance Song of Songs 2:10

Song People are Relational Acts 2:46

Song People Bring Light Song of Songs 1:12

To be fair, and completely vulnerable, I know nothing. Absolutely nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m “smart”and can talk at length about public education (I’m a teacher) and how the old television show The West Wing was the best thing to happen to television and how it’s a pop culture symbol, but really, I don’t know anything. Except Jesus and Him crucified and resurrected and alive on the inside of us!

What is there really that we need to know more of?

Don’t send me nasty emails telling me that we need knowledge because there needs to be doctors and scientists and such. I know all of that. All of that is valuable, but all of that is also not nearly as exciting as Jesus taking us to the grave with him and lifting us up pure and cool and clean and one with Him!


This Song Lifestyle is not a lifestyle full of rules and regulations that must be kept in order to stay clean and pure before the Lord. The Song Lifestyle, as I’ve said in my first post, is one in which we not only love Jesus but one in which we rest in Jesus’ love for us! It is extremely exciting that Jesus loves us! Scripture says Christ died for us while we were still sinners; it says that God is love; it says that one man dying for a friend is noble, but one man dying for the whole world is love! This Song Lifestyle isn’t a set of bullet points to tick off one by one each day. The Five Tenets of the Song Lifestyle are merely an encouragement that sums up this Christian life we get to live with Jesus.

I’m not asking people to religiously follow these tenets with sweat, blood, and tears. The work for your salvation has been completed! It is Finished. In fact, I have an old friend who wrote a book titled just that, It is Finished: Why you can quit religion and trust in Jesus
by Blaise Foret.

Working Out Our Salvation

The only work we need to “do” is simple: rest in our salvation and love Jesus. That’s it! That’s all there is to this Christian life. Love God! Be drunk with love like it says in Song of Songs 5:1.There is no limit to the amount we get to drink of God. Jesus’ blood has turned to wine and we drink and drink and drink of HIM. He is perfect theology. He is perfect love. He is perfect rest. The work is finished with Jesus!

Does this mean that we don’t do stuff for God? Not at all! Let it not be so! We do good works showing the world that we are in love with God. However, it gets wonky when people start working in order to prove something to God.

I was talking to someone not long ago and they literally told me that Jesus was good, but they still needed to work out their salvation by doing stuff for Him! That’s the biggest lie in the church today. Yes, do work. Build orphanages, go on mission trips, become a full-time missionary, volunteer at the local food pantry, do stuff out of a heart of love for God as a way to show OTHERS the love of Christ. But you are no longer required to make sacrifices to God for your salvation. Christianity is a freebie! Jesus GAVE you salvation because He LOVES you! If you don’t believe me, read Romans 6-8. In fact, get my newest giveaway: Mix Tape Bible — Romans 6. It’s free and a quick and fun read. It’ll blast you!

I hope this clears things up a bit. Get the Five Tenets of the Song Lifestyle giveaway and hang it near your work space on on the fridge, but don’t think I’m trying to get you to get religious or anything like that. The Five Tenets of the Song Lifestyle is simply an encouragement that sums up our Christ filled life.


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Have a great week and I’ll see you Thursday.



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