I am passionately in love with God because He listens to me. He hears my prayers and answers them (Ps. 116 Passion).”

This Man I’m Head over Heels For!

I’m in love with a Man with fiery eyes and encircled with a rainbow. There’s a sword in his strong hand; he’s always ready to protect me in love. He’s thrilled when he gazes upon me–he stares through to my very soul and blossoms within my heart.

This #mancrushmonday I’m undone by the love of Jesus. I’m in love with this Man who became sin for me, this Man who made me his equal, his bride, his lover. I’m madly and unashamedly in love with Jesus the Jewish Man who lives on the inside of me and places my heart at perfect rest!

Why is this Uncreated Happy Man is so good?

Psalm 107 says it right when the psalmist writes, “He’s better than anyone could ever imagine. Yes, He’s always so loving and kind, and it never ends! (Psalm 107 Passion).”

Jesus is good beyond imagination. He is kinder than kind. Not the most generous person on earth, not even Oprah herself, could compete with the kindness and perfection of Jesus. His kindness never ends. His kindness goes on forever and ever and ever and ever. His kindness was shown on the cross when he became the requirement of the Law for us. Graham Cooke explains it best when he says that “Jesus is the kindness person I ever met.”

The psalmist goes on to say the following of how good Jesus is:

“We cried out, ‘Lord, help us! Rescue us!’ and He did! He led us right into a place of safety and abundance…(Psalm 107 Passion).”

Do you feel unsafe? Do you feel depressed or broken or downtrodden? Cry out to the Lord, the Goodness of Heaven, and he will storm the doors and rescue you! We are led “right into a place of safety and abundance” when we are with Jesus. Jesus will never see us fail or flail! Song People (those who love Jesus) live in a constant state of safety, abundance, ecstasy, and bliss!

Bliss!? Really?

Genesis 12:1-3 in the Moffat Translation reads, “I will make a great nation of you and bless you and make you famous for your bliss…till all nations of the world seek bliss such as yours.”

God loves happiness and parties and BLISS! Ecstasy is the very nature of God! Hebrews 1:9 shows us that Jesus is HAPPY! He was anointed with the “oil of gladness” and the oil never stopped dripping from his anointed little beard!

We are people of Bliss.

We are people of Happiness.

We are people of JOY!! 

This is yet another reason I’m crushing on Jesus today (and every day)…He has rescued me and set me up for a life filled with bliss!

Another Reason to Be in Love

As I’ve stated before, Jesus became my sin and shame and made me his equal and his bride! J.B. Phillips says it best in Romans 8:

“The Law never succeeded in producing righteousness–the failure was always the weakness of human nature. But God has met this by sending his own Son to live in sinful human nature like ours. And, while Christ was dealing with sin, God condemned that sinful nature. Therefore we are able to meet the Law’s requirements, for we are living no longer by the dictates of our sinful nature, but in obedience to the promptings of the Spirit (Romans 8 J.B. Phillips).”

Jesus died and made it so that we were able to meet the requirement of the Law. He became our perfect sacrifice. No longer do we have a sinful nature, no longer do we have to live by the dictates of sin! We have Jesus, this JoyBoy who loves us unconditionally, who became sin so that we could have LIFE! You wonder why I’m so thrilled about Jesus?! This is why. My sinful nature has been destroyed by the finished work of the cross!

“Death once stared me in the face and I was so close to slipping into its dark shadows. I was terrified and overcome with sorrow. I cried out to the Lord, “God, come and save me!”

Because of His passion toward me, He made everything right and He restored me! (Ps. 116).”

Although it’s unclear who wrote Psalm 116, one thing is clear: he’d faced death and was in a pretty bad spot when God intercepted him and radicalized his life. The same is true of people today. Do you have a situation that looks grim? Bleak? Miserable? Are your circumstances all pointing towards your destruction? This is great news!

Great news?

Yes! Because now you get to experience a whole new realm of God’s heart! You get to see how much God loves you in a brand new way! Problems are wonderful opportunities to connect with God’s heart in a deeper and more satisfying way. I wrote a whole article on problems here.

Song People get into a spot and cry out for Jesus to come and save them. And he does. His passion towards us makes everything right and he does what he does best: he restores us and makes us better than we were before. What a reason to love this guy!

Romantic God

The way God loves us gets me whacked every time. I literally cannot read Song of Songs 4 without going into a blissful ecstasy where I’m caught up in the sweet and strong embrace of Jesus. Jesus is my hero, my knight in shining armor.    

“You’ve kissed my heart with Your forgiveness, in spite of all I’ve done! (Psalm 103 Passion).”

God forgives ALL our sins and sets us up for success. Jesus became poor so that I could be rich. He was rejected so that I could be accepted. Knowing each and every horrible thing that I was going to do, Jesus still endured the cross making it possible for me to experience salvation in all its bliss and buttery goodness.

Jesus has enormous feelings of love for us. He calls us his bride. He looks at us and sees perfection. Why? Because mystically he’s living on the inside of us, and since he’s perfect we are perfect. We have Mr. Perfect living on the inside of us!

“The same way a loving father feels toward his children–that’s nothing but a sample of Your tender feelings toward us, Your beloved children, who are in awe of You! (Ps. 103 Passion).”  

Even more proof that God looks at us with his radiant eyes filled with love for us is Song of Songs. Although touted by many as a play book for the bedroom, it is my firm conviction that SoS is a representation of Christ’s love for the church. In Song of Songs 6, the King (Jesus) says something so romantic: “O my beloved, you are striking–lovely even in your weakness. When I see you in your beauty, I see a radiant city, where we dwell as one (Song of Songs 6 Passion).”

This isn’t the only time He’s called us striking. In SoS 1 he tells us that we are thrilling to him and that he, along with the Father and Holy Spirit, encircles us with their golden reins of love and that they mark us with their redeeming grace. When God looks at us, he sees perfection and grace and love.

He’s undone.

Here is a mystery: the same way we find ourselves sloppily undone before him, he’s likewise just as enamored by us. This is a romantic love that keeps going and going in a circle. He loves me, I love him, he loves me, I love him. I’ve heard is said this way: he loves me because he loves me because he loves me because he loves me….

God is madly and unashamedly in love with you. This is reason enough to celebrate every day as a #mancrushmonday
Go and be drunk with love! Let him blow upon your garden and be thrilled with love!

I’ll leave today with a song by Misty Edwards.


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