Dry Day

Have you ever just had a day where you were dry? You didn’t feel the Lord, you didn’t have a new revelation? You didn’t feel excited in your spirit about what Jesus did?

Have no fear. You’re normal.

I was listening to Matt Spinks today while taking a longish drive. I was fellowshipping with God about what I should blog about, and Matt started talking about this topic. I’d been rolling a few similar topics around in my heart, so I listened.

He said that when we’re dry, we should remember. We remember the times where we weren’t dry. We think back to the intoxicating pleasures of God and that’ll get us reveling in His glory and grace and pleasure. That’ll bring us to a place of contemplation of His goodness and love. And soon we’ll be drunk as skunks!

It’s not (just) about intoxication

Being drunk in the Lord is a byproduct of grace. We don’t love God because of the ecstatic feelings he gives us.

But it’s not bad to desire ecstacy in the Lord, either.

Since Song Lifestyle is geared mostly toward believers and those who have even an inkling in their spirit about how good God is, so I don’t always explain the concept of intoxication in the spirit. This is just semantics. You could say drunk, intoxicated, feeling the presence, full of the Holy Spirit, etc…

The fact is this: you’re already AND ALWAYS drunk in the spirit. There is no separation between you and God (Ephesians 1:13; Romans 8:31-39). You aren’t your own entity. Look at your hand. Look at your foot. Look at your reflection in the mirror. That’s Jesus’ hand. It’s His foot. It’s His reflection.

You were bought at a price and you are no longer your own! You are IN Christ Jesus. It’s good news!

The intoxication is just the revelation of how absolutely good Jesus is, and the revelation of how included you are in His life!


Our only job in this Christperson life is to eat of the delights of the Lord and be filled to SATISFACTION! No need to “get hungry”–you are already FEASTING on a big, fat slab of LAMB!

There are those among our ranks who would tell us that if we’re having a “dry day” we need to get hungry for the Lord. Or worse, they accuse of not being “hungry enough.”

The Lord Jesus is a table full of delights. All we have to do is sit and dine!

I do see that we, as believers, hunger for more of His delight and goodness; however, we must come to terms with the semantics of asking for more! A child who is well fed does not ask for more! They just sit down and eat! 

Only people in poverty ask for more.

We are children of God! We are the bride of Christ! We have ALL OF HIM! We need not ask for more. We just need to sit and dine.

What does dining look like?

  1. Reading the word is dining. I challenge you to get into Song of Solomon and Romans 5-8. Read them often and in as many translations as you can find. The Passion Translation is excellent!
  2. Worship and Praise. Something happens when we worship God. Our spirits seem to open up and we just soak Him in.
  3. Be thankful. Thanksgiving–thanking God for everything–is an intoxicating glory.
  4. Be ridiculous — praying in the spirit when things are weird is a great way of encountering God! Laying on the floor doing some shabba dabba do instead of engaging with our logic will ALWAYS produce better results.

These four things are NOT a FORMULA for the drunk life.

These four things are merely challenges and encouragements to connect with God and be changed!


I hope you have a wonderful week! Check us out on Twitter and Facebook. I’d love to know what you think!






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