The Love of the Kind One

For the last year I’ve had this picture in my head that I can’t shake. I’m sitting on a sofa watching t.v. and beside me is this man who is strong and secure and compassionate. He puts his arm around me and I snuggle down close to his side and I feel so safe. There’s no anxiety in this picture. It’s just safe and warm and kind.

I’ve gone back to this picture a lot this year. It’s safe to say that I’ve thought about it almost daily for an entire year. The amount of love and safety and rest that this image in my head exudes is overwhelming because it’s something I’ve always wanted…someone to completely take care of me.

This is a picture of love. And it’s love from the Kind One.

Jesus our Safety

“I will lie down in peace and sleep, for though I am alone, O Lord, you will keep me safe (Psalms 4:8).”

I’ve had this picture of Jesus keeping me safe for nearly a year now. As described above, it’s exactly what all of us really want. We want someone strong and kind to wrap us up and keep us safe from any number of rational and irrational dangers.

The Psalmist understood this perfectly. “Many say that God will never help us. Prove them wrong,” he writes, “by letting the light of your face shine down upon us.”

If you thought that maybe it was a little strange that me, a man, has long desired for someone to sweep me up and care for me and keep me safe, well..I’m not alone. From reading Psalm 4, we can clearly see that David wanted it too. And David was no girly-man either. He was a shepherd–those guys had to be tough. This was the same dude who took down Goliath! And we can’t argue his virility either since he, uh, had that little mishap with Bathsheba…

Our Strong Lover

Men are known to be the protector of their homes; the warrior for their wives and children; the strength when things are scary. We are the ones who wake in the night and check out the strange noise. We keep our families feeling safe and secure.

But who keeps us safe and secure?

Jesus–the delightful Bridegroom.

God’s strong love and protection keeps us anchored. When we were boys, our fathers wrapped us up in their arms and we knew we were safe. That has never changed. Although we keep our own children safe from their fears, our God is still our Father who wraps us up and takes us to ecstatic places with Him.

Our God keeps us rooted and grounded in love.

Love is the Answer

Everything is about love. When we learn to love, everything else falls into place.

Need patience? Love.

Need rest? Love.

Need a financial miracle? Love.

God IS love. And we know that love makes a person feel safe and warm and protected from outside dangers. We know that love is not perverse or something that can be bought or sold. Love is just this wonderful, exciting more-than that keeps us glued together. It’s Jesus.

So let’s sit down this week in the midst of the busy Christmas season, and let’s allow God our Comforter to wrap us up in his big, strong arms and snuggle us close. Let’s burrow our faces in his side and rest in the delight of his protection.




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