Heaven’s currency is praise

And everyone is rich!

When our circumstances are not so good and all around us it seems as though we are going to fall away into destruction, we praise the Lord. We sing a song of thanksgiving, we shout his praise. This is our weapon of choice, praise is the key to victory in our warfare.

Psalm 37:4 tells us to delight ourselves in the Lord. If we make God our utmost delight and pleasure of our lives, every longing within us will be fulfilled.

Delight in who God is will be the key to unlocking every victory and winning every battle. No matter what the circumstance it is that we are facing, going into a place of praise and deliberate thanksgiving will be our choice weapon.

This is Heaven’s currency. It’s the way in which all transactions are made in the Heavenly realm. As new covenant believers we have full access to the accounts of Heaven. We get to make withdraws at any time, day or night.

Fighting the Good Fight

David knew about fighting battles. He’d been anointed king and was being hunted by Saul. His life was in a constant state of danger. At every turn, David’s life was close to death. But David learned to praise God in the midst of his circumstances. In Psalm 27:13 he writes, “I am expecting the Lord to rescue me again, so that once again I will see his goodness to me here in the land of the living.”

David held onto a promise

He knew God was good. And if God was good, nothing bad was going to overtake him. Again in Psalm 18 we clearly see David hanging onto promise: “All I need to do is cry to him — oh, praise the Lord — and I am saved from all my enemies.”

David rejoiced, he praised, and he was saved from his enemies.

David had unlocked a surefire way to place himself in the safety and comfort of God: praise.

In the past, whenever I’d read the words cry out to the Lord, I assumed these Biblical heroes were doing what I do: freak out; panic; whine and complain; shout.  But this is not at all what David was doing.

The scripture says, “All I need to do is cry out to him”…and then David tells us what he cried out: “oh, praise the Lord…”

David, in the middle of his circumstance, began rejoicing and praising God! He held a worship service in the middle of his problem in order to find safety and get clear perspective.

I’ve been really into the promises of God lately. I keep two cheap notebooks, one named Teaching and Promises and one called God’s Thoughts. In Teaching and Promises I record everything I’m learning about God and all the promises I can collect in scripture.

Collecting promises does two things: it allows me to clearly understand the nature of God right now and when the time comes, it will allow me to go back and meditate on what God has already said so that I can have fodder for rejoicing and thanksgiving in the middle of whatever circumstance I’m in.


Circumstances used to completely freak me out. I thought it was my goal to avoid negative circumstances at all costs, and when I found myself in one, I was paralyzed with fear and begged God to get me out. “Rescue me!” I’d cry out. “Come on, get me out of this!”

Circumstances and Process

If we avoid the process of going through negative circumstances, we will never gain a proper perspective of the heart of God.

So many Christians want to experience the supernatural reality of God. They want to have fun stories to tell and experience God in unique and powerful ways. But most Christians don’t want to go through tough times.

It’s in the tough times, our circumstances, that we are going to get those great stories of God’s supernatural power working in our lives.

I’m not suggesting we go on demon hunts and try to put ourselves in harm’s way just to have an experience with God. That’s foolish.

I’m simply saying that when we find ourselves in the middle of a problem, we should find joy in it because we are getting ready to see Daddy thunder into the room and break the teeth of the enemy before us!

But it all starts with praise

The very minute we start to smell a problem, we should set aside the time to praise loudly and fill our minds with all the promises he’s given us. It’s smart to begin getting God’s promise on all sorts of issues that could crop up, like health and finances, so when those circumstances rear their ugly heads we’re ready for them.

God doesn’t hide us away out of sight from our enemy. Psalm 18 tells us that “He rescues [us] from [our] enemies; he holds [us] safely out of their reach and saves [us] from these powerful opponents.”

We aren’t hidden away and out of sight. We get to see the whole show so that we can gain perspective of who God is in the midst of adversity. We are out of the enemy’s reach, but we are in clear view. All we’re doing is rejoicing and holding a worship service, rejoicing in God’s ultimate goodness, while the fight rages around us. We rest, God fights for us, and we get a good story to tell.

So don’t shirk process; don’t run from circumstances. Praise, and praise loud!


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