union-with-godEcstatic Union and Separation from God

To say that we’ve had a one track mind when it comes to the ecstasy of our life with Jesus would be a gross understatement. Once I got the revelation that God, in all his holiness, was also an ecstatic lover, I was ruined.

And what a way to be ruined.

Coming into the revelation of my (and our) union with God was the next chapter in my divine ruin.

Before we get into just exactly what this union is that we have with Christ, it’s pertinent that we explore where we came from: separation.

For quite a while now the church has wrongly believed that God separated himself from humanity because he couldn’t stand being around sinners. Citing Habakkuk 1:13 where it says that “[God is] of purer eyes than to behold evil, and cannot look on wickedness (NKJV)” many believe that our separation originated from God.

But this couldn’t be more wrong.

It only takes one to read a bit further in that same chapter to see that although God is holy and cannot even look on wickedness, he does that very thing! “Why do you look on those who deal treacherously, and hold your tongue when the wicked devours a person ore righteous than he? Why do you make men like fish of the sea, like creeping things that have no ruler over them?” 

Though God is holy and cannot look upon sin…he does! And not only does he look upon it, he tolerates it. And makes men “like fish of the sea.”

In writing that God tolerates sin, I’m not saying that he’s okay with a sinful humanity. I’m not suggesting that it’s okay to go out and sleep with your grandmother or do strange things with your stepmother.

I am suggesting something far more scandalous. 

God did not separate himself from humanity. We separated ourselves from God, and that separation existed in our minds.

Colossians 1:21 puts it this way: “And you, who once were alienated and hostile in mind,  doing evil deeds… (ESV)…”

Our separation was on us. Not on him.

The rest of that verse goes on to say “He has restored persons like you through Christ’s self-giving act. He intends for you to be complete, guiltless, and free of negative judgment in your relation to him (BCJ).”

Ecstatic Union

This leaves us at only one conclusion: God the Father, knowing our sinfulness and wickedness, chose to come among us anyway because of his love, mercy, and grace. And his method was union.

Romans 1:17 in the Mirror Bible says this: “…there is no good news in [the gospel] until the righteousness of God is revealed! The dynamic of the gospel is the revelation of God’s faith as the only valid basis for our belief.”

It was by God’s faith, not our own, that saved us. We could not put faith in him without his faith motivating us. God’s faith in himself is what draws us to him. It is his righteousness that makes the gospel work!

And what is God’s righteousness?

The word righteousness here is derived from the word “rightwiseness” fro the Anglo Saxon. The Greek word for righteousness is dikaiosune.

From Dike (Dikay) referring to what is right; it’s a relationship word that indicates “two parties finding likeness in each other (Mirror Bible notes).”

God’s righteousness points us to harmony in our relationship with him.

This righteousness makes union with God possible.

“Because we are now in right relationship with God through trusting his promise to accept us, we are united to him through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 5:1 BCJ).”

The Gospel is Simple

Our loving Father (not maniacal, egotistical, or demon possessed) sent his son, in whom all his fullness was in (Colossians 1 & 2) in order to save all sinners from death. Jesus died our sinners death for us. Jesus died once for all.

The finished work of the cross says this: all mankind was saved at Calvary.

This means that each person you come into contact with has already been set apart for the Lord. They’re saved in other words. They may not know it yet; they may not have had the revelation of their salvation, and they may not be living like they are in right standing with God, but they are saved because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. Jesus doesn’t save some and then save some more later. Blood was shed, the veil ripped, and dead were raised.

More Union

Romans 5:11 tells us that “We are not only glad about the future (we’re going to Heaven!), but at this very moment we are happy because God has made us one with himself through Jesus Christ (BCJ).”

Jesus and his righteousness brings us union. We are one with the entire Trinity because the entire Trinity is one with each other! We have fullness because of Christ.

This whole thing boils down to this very message: it’s all about Jesus; he brings us union, salvation, freedom, and grace. We are no longer living a sinful, beat-up lifestyle because we have freedom from that old way of living through him.

Grace is the ability to choose differently.

I hope you enjoy this mysterious union we have and come to realize that the mystery is solved: the answer is always Jesus.


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