Life and Boredom

Fun will always trump boredom. I cannot stand to be bored. I need to be moving, doing something productive, or I need to be using my brain and thinking deeply about a topic. Aside from some late evening viewing with my wife, sitting around on Netflix waiting to be entertained by the next Netflix original kills me inside.

There is nobody who likes boredom.

But boredom is good for you.

There’s glory in the mundane parts of life. There are few people who are constantly entertained, always on some adventure, and engaging their minds in deep, meaningful thinking. Life gets monotonous sometimes–and it’s what we do with that boredom that will make all the difference.

Two Types of Boredom

There are two types of boredom:

  1. The Everyday Mundane (which we will discuss this week)
  2. and Creative Conception Boredom (which we will discuss next week)

The Everyday Mundane

This boredom is the everyday life of the average person. There’s laundry piled high in the laundry room; the kids’ rooms are a mess; the dog shat on the living room floor last night and nobody bothered to pick it up or “didn’t see it”; the baby (or babies, if you’re like us and you have twins) won’t stop crying, getting into things, escaped, etc…; bills need to be paid…

These are just a few examples of the Everyday Mundane. It’s work, and kids, and housekeeping…and LIFE.

For so many (myself included), we look at other people’s lives and wonder how they got to be so lucky. How they managed to always be on the go, living an adventure, and successful. It seems like they can up and create an adventure anytime they please! They’re always in some far off country doing something amazing, or in an airport waiting to do something amazing, or they’re on Facebook talking about the amazing things they’re planning…it can take a toll if you don’t watch out.

But there’s hope!

Our lives are relevant even if we aren’t preaching to ten thousand people in some amphitheatre in Australia. Our lives are relevant even if we haven’t written a national bestseller or some award winning blog. Our lives mean something…even if that something is that we managed to find ALL THE MATCHES to our kids’ socks in the dryer (GLORY! That’s a miracle…call the archdiocese or whoever you call. It’s like finding a weeping Virgin Mary statue).

It makes me think of the Greek word for life…or at least one of them.

Zoe (Strong’s G2222): simply it means life or the state of one who is possessed of vitality or is animate.

This is all of us. We are all living a Zoe life. We are alive, we are vital, and we are animate. Even if it’s folding socks or picking up toddler mess, we’re alive. And there’s WHACK on it! There’s glory in living this kind of life.

But there’s another Greek word, the root word that comes from Zoe, that catches my attention even more.

It’s Zao (Strong’s G2198): It’s meaning is packed with glory! It means to live, breathe, to be among the living (not lifeless, not dead); to enjoy real life; active, blessed, endless in the Kingdom of God.

This is the life we’re living. Zao. Our lives are active and blessed. We are breathing and living. We are living a life that is endless in the Kingdom of God.

Living Zao

The next time you are tempted to be down about your boredom, look around the room (or the playground, or the boardroom, or the classroom, or the front lawn scattered with toys) and remember that you’re living Zao! God has put you in a place and has declared it good!

There is nowhere we can escape the love and power of God. There is not a place on earth we can get away from the goodness and romance of our Lover. Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ (Romans 8:39).

You are an open heaven. Christ died and placed his life inside you in order that you would co-labor with him. For some, that means that they’ll travel the globe and preach to far off people groups. For others, that means that you’ll work and encourage your co-worker. For even more, it means that you’ll be a stay-at-home mom or dad and raise good, healthy, loved kids.

Live Zao — enjoy this real life that you are living. See how you are blessed and endless in the kingdom of God. You ARE endless. You are never going to die…not for real. You’re life is eternal.

Next week we will talk about Creative Conception Boredom and how it can completely revitalize your living.

In the meantime, check out a book by Lily Crowder about living a regular life full of glory while doing the normal, everyday mundane tasks most of us do. It’s a real eye-opener and quite encouraging.


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