back to school for SL

Back to School

It’s back to school for many in the next couple of weeks. The newness of another academic year is exciting.

New backpacks, school supplies, meeting old friends, making new ones, and meeting teachers (for the teachers, meeting students).

There’s something special about a new year back at school. It’s a fresh start. A new beginning.

Last year is in the past, this year is a fresh beginning. A person can rectify wrongs by starting over. It’s brilliant.

I’ve taken the summer off writing for Song Lifestyle. I haven’t blogged, gone live, or made a single post to social media about the blog.

That was on purpose.

I needed some time to refocus on what exactly I want to do with Song Lifestyle.

Song Lifestyle began as a kind of live journal of what I was learning about this beloved gospel we enjoy. It was a way for me to annotate my Bible in a way that is shared with as many people who wanted to read it.

And I’m still interested in doing that.

The gospel is not boring.

I think it was Martin Luther who said that we have to hear the gospel every day because we forget it every day.

And it’s true. We do.

But this year I want to have more of a focus in my blogging. I want to have an agenda, so to speak.

And so this post is highlighting that agenda.

The Agenda

Song Lifestyle is about the romance of God. Living a life in love with the Lord, being the Shulamite swept off her feet by the King.

And Song Lifestyle is about applying the gospel to our lives. Every part of our lives.

How is the gospel related to our work, our marriages, our parenting, our politics?

These are the very things I want to talk about this year.

The gospel applied to work, family, and politics.


Work is a vital part of who we are as people. We love to listen to people talk about their work. Stephen King wrote in his book On Writing that he writes about people’s work because people love to read about other people working.

I’m a big fan of the show The West Wing. And part of the reason I enjoy it so much is because I get to watch people give themselves fully to their work and try to fit a personal life into the mix.

I’m a middle school teacher. And although I’m not an important White House staffer, my job is pretty important. I get to teach kids, inspire them to do well, and help shape our culture.

I’m also a graduate student. It’s a lot of work and my academic work goes hand-in-hand with my teaching.

Just how does the gospel and the revelation of Jesus’ grace and love fit in with what we do with our work?


Whether or not you have a wife and kids, family is another huge part of our lives. How we relate to our spouses, how we treat our children, and how we manage our friendships are vital aspects to being human.

How should a man act in this society where anyone can be anything and anyone can identify as anything they want to identify as? What is a woman’s role in the family and in the world? What do we expect from our children?

These are just a few sub-topics we’re going to explore this year. The possibilities are endless.


There’s really nothing more annoying than a Christian blogging about politics. But I’ve got some different views. For starters, I’m not a conservative Christian. I’m a democrat and fell hard for Senator Bernie Sanders before the DNC screwed the pooch and ousted him. And I’m still Feelin’ the Bern.

What does it mean to be liberal AND love Jesus. Many evangelicals would simply write me off as some backslidden noisemaker for making such a comment.

How does the gospel shape our politics? How does it change the way we vote? How does it change the way we talk about our leaders? I’ll tell you this, I won’t badmouth President Trump. I won’t stay quiet either.

How can a Christian disagree yet remain at peace?

The political articles I write won’t be narratives about how someone *should* vote or think. I’ll write about my own personal application of the gospel to my politics.

This year is going to be busy. And it’s going to be good.

I look forward to taking you on my journey.


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