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A Torrent of His Pleasure

Once I left the religious system that kept me in a constant state of working out my salvation and striving to please God in order to gain his favor and secure my position in eternity, God blessed the yearning of my heart. I began believing the gospel — that Jesus loves me and calls me a “torrent of His pleasure” (Psalm 35:9 DRB) and invites me to be inebriated on the plenty of His house. I began to see that God is pro-pleasure and pro-freedom! God had been wooing my heart for years just to bring me to a place that was way outside the box of traditional Christendom and into a place of ecstatic bliss with Him. Jesus was calling me out of the intercession/striving room and into his House of Wine (Song of Solomon 2:4) where he locked me in and threw away the key!

All along God was building something so much better. He was stoking the flames of love inside me. He was bidding me “come and drink, drink more, and drink all we could possibly drink” (Winnie Banov “God Saved Us Single-Handedly”  from his presence.

He was Making Me a Chapel of Adoration

Living a life of constant adoration of God is not some hyper-spirituality that turns into works-based religion. Living a life of love is pressing the easy button. I deeply respect monks and nuns who take solemn vows to serve God and offer their lives as living offerings to every whim and whipple of the Lord. However, I’m not advocating for dropping everything, selling your stuff at a tag sale, and joining the first monastery you roll up on. Living this abundant lifestyle of adoring God is easy, and you can do it while sitting in your La-Z-Boy as well as you can anywhere else.  

This adoration lifestyle is how the Shulamite lived. No matter how you come to the Song of Solomon text, whether you believe it to be a playbook for the bedroom or whether you can see it as an allegory of Christ’s love for the church, you should be able to appreciate the devotion and passion we can extract from the Shulamite. Let me be clear that I do not view Song of Solomon as merely a playbook for the bedroom. It’s true that young Jewish boys were not allowed to read the book in the Torah until they were of a certain age so as not to arouse their worldly passions. But I do not see, in any common sensical way, why God would place a book in the canon of scripture that teaches men and women how to enjoy one another in the context of marriage.

So take some notes from the Shulamite. You are her! You are the bride of Christ eagerly awaiting for Him to return and take you to the house He’s prepared.

Prophetic Picture

In fact, this really happens, or at least it used to happen, when young Jewish boys would choose their bride. They’d be married first and then the young man would go away (sometimes for quite a while) and prepare a home that he could bring his bride to. One day, unannounced, the young man would pull up with his caravan and sweep his bride off her feet! She’d have no idea it was about to happen, but within just a few hours she’d be swept away, leaving her family and friends behind, and she’d be conjoined to her husband and taken away to the home that he’d spent time preparing for them.

This is a prophetic representation of what’s going to happen to the bride of Christ. We’re going to be shocked when He returns and takes us to the house He’s prepared. This is what we live for: life and life abundantly in Him now and with Him in the age to come.

So laugh a little and rejoice! It’s going to be all okay! Jesus loves you and He’s planning a great big wedding party to take place in just a minute!



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